Encore of Revival: America, December 14, 2015


The story is out: censorship. When science has a consensus, there’s no need to burn science heretics. Honest discussion helps the truth; it doesn’t hurt it. Few things have convinced the public as effectively as martyring climate dissidents. Something is missing in the climate discussion. And, that “something” is big and important enough to “someone” “somewhere” that climate experts, professors, researchers, and now those in media who cover them, need to be fired to keep that “something” missing.


America could be looking at a third political party really soon. It wouldn’t be led by Trump, nor Carson nor Cruz; it would be led by the overwhelming majority who are learning that they aren’t the only ones who want to thrive rather than just survive. It would be led by the Blacks and Whites and Hispanics who are learning that they are equally despised by power-leveraging weaklings, hiding behind wizard curtains, corralling the masses like cattle.

A political party taking out its own frontrunner was recently attempted by the “Titanic” Nationalist party living in refuge on Taiwan—hiding from Mainland China who supported the Communists over them. It didn’t help their cause as Taiwan’s January election will likely demonstrate. Will the GOP look across the Pacific and watch their own anti-Trump strategery as it is tested? Probably not. So, watch Taiwan’s January elections to get a glimpse of what November could look like. 2016 is shaping up to be educational, at least for the young blood who remain teachable.

Third party is a big deal. One cannot just choose to inject a third party in any normal election. On most ballots, “odd-ball” parties fail. But, when parties dismiss their most popular candidates on grounds of being most popular, third parties can’t lose. I submit to you Roosevelt and Lincoln. But, wait, there’s more…

Most political parties began as sweep-in third parties. These moments come around every 70 years or so, like Haley’s comet. It’s rare, but regular as Old Faithful.

Not if, WHEN an overwhelming third-party sweeps-in, there is a demoralizing factor for establishment dogs. I’m talking about the “old dogs” who will only vote for the same party no matter what. It is almost has a psychology to it. Some people are truly incapable of changing, even when most called for. These people tend to take their positions for granted, such as the boss who manages the downfall of a company he didn’t found or the elite on the Titanic deciding to plow right into an ice berg field or, say, RNC leaders who really aren’t Republican as the voters define “Republican”. Rather than pontificating the psychology of adaptation-rejection complexes, let’s just say this…

People who refuse to adapt tend to stay home when they don’t like the weather.

This is not always because they know they will get rained on, though they are smart enough to figure that out on occasion. More importantly, the people who hate Trump really believe that he, as well as Carson and Cruz, can’t be elected. The writing is on the wall. Cruz-Carson-Trump talking points are polled to go strong against Hillary in the general election. But no-changers don’t listen. They truly believe the “TCC” gang are crazy, fringe, and unelectable because the “majority” they listen to are comedy hosts.

Millennial Hippies, for just one example, truly believe that if the majority of the hosts on their favorite comedy shows agree on something (which they usually do) then the majority of the entire country also agrees. But, they never look at the bigger numbers: Comedy show audiences dwarf in contrast to news shows; Liberal news shows dwarf in contrast to Conservative news shows; and TV news dwarfs in contrast to audio news—podcasts and radio alike.

This breaks into an entirely different topic. The majority of Americans are more interested in audio than video. Why else is SoundCloud so popular? Why are so many YouTube videos actually just music albums? And, why else did Apple really make its break with the iPod-iTunes platform—which supported music and podcasts? Video is fun, but audio isn’t going away anytime soon. And, comedy loyalists tend to listen to music more than audio politics.

Ideologically speaking, comedy TV audiences are the minority of the minority of the minority, but they think they are mainstream. It’s textbook narcissism.

So, on the one hand we have demoralization. When you know you’ll lose, and you know you won’t change, you tend to dress well for your own death and rationalize sinking with the Titanic. But, on the other hand, we have denialism. Narcissists don’t know when they are losing. And, that’s a problem because of the other topic of elections: energy vs apathy.

While voters and pundits niggle over political stance, the donors should buy energy. Too bad for them, Trump isn’t for sale.

Statistically, Obama defeated Romney because 4 million Republican voters stayed home. Obama won his first election because voters who normally would never vote registered just to vote for him. This is consistent with history: Energy draws people out to vote, boredom sends them home—and nothing is more boring than an establishment that invited the very third political party that will sweep the election.

So, if Trump, Carson, or Cruz go third party… The Jeb supporters will stay home because they will assume that he will win. The Hillary supporters will stay home because they will assume she will win. And why shouldn’t they think so? Establishment types are narcissistic. Why not assume that history will never change and that the cheese will never move? Comedy and news TV, Conservative and Liberal alike, laugh at a third party, like a mouse mocking the cat who plays with its food.

Every time that new third-party sweep-in cycle comes around, the establishment always thinks that this time will be the first time that comet won’t return.

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