Encore of Revival: America, December 26, 2016


Yesterday was Christmas. Her Majesty and Defender of the Faith, the Queen, missed the Christmas service for the first time due to a severe cold. People are concerned for her health. The pope is concerned for the health of the world with Christmas being “taken hostage” by materialism.

Leading up to Christmas, the electoral college finalized Trump’s victory. The basic argument for the electoral college goes something like this: Without the Cities of Los Angeles and New York, Trump would have the popular vote by quite a margin; one State doesn’t get to decide against the other 49, let alone two cities; and, if the popular vote alone decided then Republicans in upstates California and New York wouldn’t have stayed home and Trump would still have the popular vote. The election system drew the usual criticism while the usual system was upheld to preserve the Republic and prevent metropolitan tyranny over the farmland.

As for Obama going golfing after learning about a truck attack and the Russian ambassador’s death, worse news demands more sympathy: America’s election system was still working at 4:00 p.m. last Monday. Attempts to “change” America had clearly failed. That was stressful enough. And, that was the real bad news Obama needed a break from. This golf trip wasn’t meant as any snub against an ambassador. There were other problems, you see. After all, it’s the holidays. We all need to just get away for a week and unwind.

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