Encore of Revival: America, December 3, 2018

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president, is dead at 94.

While the Bush family and the nation mourn, politics continue as usual.

The “Mark Meadows Plan” for Congressional Republicans foreshadows political posturing of the next two years: Democrats will be a powerless foil supporting the re-election of Trump. Just how Democrats harassed the Regan administration with the Olly North investigations, harassed Supreme Justices Kavanaugh and Thomas with sexual harassment allegations—just how the House Republicans harassed Clinton with the Kenneth Star -led investigation—so will this Democratic House irritate the electorate over the next two years. Even if the House impeaches the president as it did Clinton, there isn’t foreseeable traction in the 52-seat strong Republican Senate.

The latest “shock and faux” campaign from the press attempts to scare readers with the notion that Russia did not exercise leverage over Trump—but they could have—because Trump decided not to build a project in Russia that everyone knew about him not building when he would have been allowed to build it anyway. The reason, as this latest “wow” campaign goes, is because Trump is now reported to be the center of the Mueller investigation. Really? That’s news?

The next two years will be as entertaining as watching a cat who thinks it’s a god, but just can’t figure out why it can’t get anyone to obey.

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