Encore of Revival: America, December 31, 2018

Jerome Corsi is after the FBI family for going after him and his family. Mueller wanted to delay the hearing of Corsi’s lawsuit against the FBI, basically arguing that the shutdown had shutdown his investigation—except that it hasn’t. Trump stayed in Washington over the holiday shutdown, missing his family in Florida, while Nanci Pelosi and Maxine Waters went on vacation in Hawaii and the Bahamas, respectively—and they say Trump doesn’t understand politics. The stock market was said to be in the tank, and it was “all Trump’s fault”—until it it wasn’t either anymore.

The biggest news—of things that actually happened “new”—was Kevin Spacey. Apparently Underwood is back from the dead. The character assassination machine has systematically picked off anyone in the national spotlight who didn’t step in line—until that didn’t work against Trump—then, it simply didn’t work. But, now that it’s going up against one of the few actual actors in Hollywood—Spacey—along with Conservatives like Jerome Corsi and Dennis Prager, that machine itself might just blow a transformer and light up the national sky more than Con Edison lit up New York.

It looks like Kevin Spacy is about to “Underwood” Hollywood, and that will only be the beginning.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Wrong Right Side to Attack

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‘Blue’ York

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Shutdown Vacation

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