Encore of Revival: America, December 9, 2019

This week, we caught a closer glimpse of what the impeachment hearings in the House are truly about: election 2020. Democrats can’t win and they know it. This impeachment is their best chance to lose less of the vote, but it may backfire.

The reason opposition news against Trump doesn’t sway his base is because of what it reveals about actual, normal life. Usually, the president and Congress are portrayed as operating “above” everyone else, never having any problems, or at least that they only have problems that us normal people never have. But, every accusation and difference of opinion reported about Trump reveals that every president—not just he—deals with the same, constant, nonsensical heckling from people at the office that all the rest of us deal with.

Some friends always act like they have a better idea when they actually haven’t a clue. Doing the only thing that can save a company or school always makes people mad—especially if those are the very people who drove problems to the brink of crisis. As movers and shakers shake and move to save the world from idiots who shouldn’t have been put in charge, those idiots refuse to give us a moment’s peace, even when they are close friends and family.

So, you see, Trump deals with the same kind of nonsense that every competent person deals with. We just didn’t know until his adversaries told us so—as if we hadn’t already seen it before.


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