Encore of Revival: America, February 15, 2021

We are in a new world of politics. Trump actually stands a chance of being a 2024 contender. Even with the irreparable damage the Republican Party did itself, even with the march Trump invited to Washington going its own way, even with lost trust in the election systems—Trump actually stands a chance of being a 2024 contender. A new party or three will likely rise. Party coalitions may become necessary. Something severe will be required of the election system. But, Trump actually stands a chance of being a 2024 contender.

Biden will only embolden Conservative voters, as Democrats always do. Trump overstepped and lost some enthusiasm from his base. Though he didn’t lose much, to stand a chance he will need some diversity in his platform and a Conservative rejected by Republicans. Palin could make it a winning Republican ticket, if any third parties got behind hit. But, Trump actually stands a chance of being a 2024 contender.

Trump is not Jesus Christ. That’s a lesson his base learned the hard way. He can’t stop the problems that are bigger than America itself. He won’t stop the push for a police state nor will he regain trust in law enforcement. Biden may take care of that anyway, which could completely change the issue by 2024. But, the fact that Trump even stands a chance of being a 2024 contender tells us about the state of America itself.

Biden and Trump are both heavily disliked for their own reasons, but things haven’t completely fallen apart yet. The road ahead looks much bumpier than the road behind, but at least the road continues.


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