Encore of Revival: America, February 26, 2018

If we look at help and mutual interests, it would seem that the NRA is a covert Leftist organization and that anti-gun groups sponsor gun shows.

The best reasons and the best laws for gun owners are also the best-kept secrets, at least in NRA memes and Tweets. Gun owners often say that “gun control” means “hitting your target”, but where are the NRA bumper stickers calling for target practice, for high school students to take the Constitutionally required “Militia” course? It doesn’t have to be in high school, but high school makes the most sense since both Militia and high school education are performed by the State. By only rallying for guns, guns, yeah, yeah, the NRA seems to be making its own strawman defense for guns—giving the wrong reason for a half-right conclusion. It invites effective opposition.

Gun shows have a similar irony. Every time anti-gun laws are even discussed, gun sales go up. Florida just saw record attendance at a recent gun show.

Either the two groups are in cahoots or they don’t really think about the effects of their actions.

Taiwanese young men are required to attend a weekly class in high school as part of mandatory basic military training. After they have been out of school for a certain period of time, they are summoned by their government to report for four weeks of on-sight basic training. Their society does not have any guns in circulation, except the police, of course, and what unproven political-mafia machines might allow into the hands of “enforcers”, but that’s a different story. Taiwan’s society is light years safer than American.

The two cultures are very different. The United States has wide, open country where police response time is slower than the second-most densely populated country in the world. But, if basic military training can keep a gun-free society safe, imagine what already Constitutionally-required “Militia” training would do for the USA.

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