Encore of Revival: America, February 8, 2016


An important word came in from some prophets at Generals. Read it in the links. Strength and calls to prayer are coming and confirmed.

The results in Iowa look back to Trump having been in second place at key times in the past. Previously second to Carson, then second to Cruz. The Religious Right’s first choice changed from Carson to Cruz. Trump supporters seemed unchanged.

The democrats could barely decide their candidate. Hillary won one vote by a coin toss. If Sanders loses, his supporters could swing to Trump in a general since both are anti-establishment. With 24% Trump, 25% Cruz, and 10% Carson—all having like-minded voters—Republicans have a strong base, indicating Iowa going Republican in the general election.

As for Cruz “dirty tricks” in misreporting Carson as dropping out, it isn’t over with Iowa; it’s just starting. People will now ask… How many times would Cruz have to apologize for things he “didn’t know” happened in his administration? Carson stands to benefit in the long run from the Iowa antics and Cruz could have exposed what type of manager he is. He may not be re-electable as a Senator.

To many, Cruz seems like a typical Christian hypocrite. Playing the “Christian fish” card won W Iowa and the general election—the only Republican president to win the Hawkeye Cauci in decades. Cruz won Iowa because he resembled W 15 years ago, even benefiting from [Karl] “Rovian dirty tricks”.

New Hampshire is more important as a “crystal ball”, where Trump is clearly in front.

Prediction: Cruz and Rubio destroy each other, Tump asks Carson for VP or less likely Palin as VP and Carson in the cabinet. Sanders loses to the Clinton machine, giving us a Trump v Clinton election. With Carson or Palin as VP, Sanders would be Hillary’s best choice to keep his supporters from moving to Trump. But, she probably won’t do that just because she read it here first.

Annual Prophecy:

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