Encore of Revival: America, January 17, 2022

Dr. Meryl J. Nass is a doctor, reportedly suspended by Maine because she lied to get hydroxychloroquine. Under Trump, doctors could use the drug to treat COVID. But, the FDA changed that. Faucci said hydroxychloroquine is ineffective against COVID, but a review from India last summer says otherwise in the Journal of The Association of Physicians of India. Nass is also accused of using Ivermectin, used for animal parasites, and of spreading disinformation. She is ordered to take a neuropsychological evaluation. However, in light of the proof from India’s research several months before Nass was suspended, no one suspended Faucci for disinformation nor ordered him to take a neuropsychological evaluation.

Now, body temperature is not an effective way to screen for COVID, which means all the wasted money on thermometers was wasted. Did the money wasters have to take a neuropsychological evaluation for that?

Accusations against Trump mount, but it’s all subjunctive—may be, could be, might, and that razzmatazz. Before he won 2016, his defeat was a certainty. Now, it’s a maybe. With India having smarter scientists than apparently run our medical boards, we can’t blame Americans for hustling to vote “Trump”. And, the Capitol insurrection only seems more justified to people who want access to the politicized drug that India has proven effective. Instead, the doctor who agrees with science is suspended by the zip code of insanity. And, the beast is seen for what it is.

We don’t know how much longer it will take before Christians stop obsessing over Sunday morning and human heroes. We don’t know how much longer Christians will look to masks and guns. Jesus said that faith could move mountains, but too few Christians are looking up. If things continue on their present course, we will get to a place where prayer is the only option left. Perhaps driving the nation to prayer was God’s plan all along, but only because it wasn’t ours.


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