Encore of Revival: America, July 11, 2016


No establishments seem to be doing their jobs anymore. Colleges aren’t preparing students to successfully communicate with management. A child appreciates brownies and the principle calls the police. Snowden is charged while Hillary, Rice, and Powell are not. Republican leaders want to remove public trust in election primaries. Obama addresses the deaths of police by elaborating on police brutality. And, a man who offered to help the police in Dallas has his keys taken, his face wanted, and the police do “nonchalantly” nothing to clear his name. If the police defame their supporters, who is left to help them?

Now, Texas’s governor calls for a Constitutional Convention. But, most of the proposed amendments are already in the Constitution and there are few mechanisms for enforcement, though some. The Convention might catch more wind if Snowden were summoned as a witness and it included a punitive amendment for elected and appointed officials by name who have worked against the redundant amendments proposed. But even without that, the collective institutions that be have made a Constitutional Convention no less than inevitable.

The best thing Obama could do for national peace is to remind voters that they will need peace if they want to vote in the election, which will continue on schedule, lest the States have reason to invite Trump to preside over the Constitutional Convention and add succession to the agenda on grounds to “guarantee a republic”.

It seems during these times, and interestingly despite topics of White House speeches, the country is responding stoically. This same, calm, thoughtful, reflective response was sandwiched by the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the US entry to WWII. The same calm energy was also sandwiched between the collapse of the world trade center and a lot of other things. That calm manner was also reported to have been the response as early Americans watched the night skies lit up with the fires of DC at the start of the War of 1812. The current calm sobriety has been seen many times before America showed strength, global and domestic.

This week is akin to that moment from Tolkien when the Ents first walk out of Fangorn to see Orthanc’s destruction of their forest. What follows can neither be misunderstood, misreported, nor stopped. Some call it “spirit”. Others call it “revival”.

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