Encore of Revival: America, June 17, 2019

The US could be looking at war on at least three fronts—as if things heating up in the Far East weren’t enough. Two oil tankers were bombed in the Middle East and the Arab Prince blames Iran. The US claims to have evidence. Now, Senator Lindsey Graham is calling for war in Cuba to curb war with Venezuela.

All this international conflict is outshining the Left’s ever weakening calls against Trump. But, the Left doesn’t give up easily.

The summary of Robert Mueller’s argument against Trump is that Trump tried to stop an investigation known to be fake. A group of people started a fake investigation against Trump, they broke the law, along with customary rules and ethical precedent. Mueller thinks Trump tried to stop this lawless, no-rules, fake investigation. Because of that, Trump “interfered with justice”?

Financially, the term for Mueller’s side of the argument is called a “hostile takeover”. That happens when one company wants to buy another company. The buying company just lies and makes false accusations until the other company is weak, then everyone says, “Well, I guess there is no choice except for the one company to get what it wants and buy the other.”

If Trump had a kind of “technical foul” in stopping Mueller’s fraudulent investigation, it would be Mueller, not Trump, who would have obstructed justice for creating the unlawful situation in the first place.

Democrats want the documents, hoping that the people won’t see the deeper matters of justice and who started the baseless fight, rather than honoring the man who ended a fight that never should have started to begin with.

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