Encore of Revival: America, June 19, 2017

The complaints are mounting, but not sticking. When nothing sticks, the complaints just mount more and more. Eventually, there will be a mountain of nothing that sticks.

In other words, the nation is looking at the early stages of a “cleansing meltdown”.

Usually, the legitimacy of an election is called to question when the minority party in the legislature wins a speakership or presidency. If Congress were full of Democrats, that would be the biggest cause for suspicion. But, the Republican grip on Congress is actually growing.

This, combined with James Comey’s own words and the words of many others, tells us unequivocally that the alleged “Russia Gate” was only a ruse to enrage the defeated.

The people who aren’t busy working have time to complain and get all upset. They are about to make a big, huge, mountainous mess. Then, they will face the people who were too busy, but had to stop working to go deal with the people who weren’t.

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