Encore of Revival: America, March 16, 2020

There is more likely to be death in America from the shortages caused by hoarding than from what should be called the “pneumoniavirus”. Americans have too often harbored a love for drama. They don’t want to listen when told to wash their hands or wear a mask to the supermarket when they feel sick, but when they actually realize that they can’t ignore a thing, it’s time to turn every home into a survival bunker. There’s little sense for calm and order.

That was the deeper weakness in the societal immune system of America. Love for bad news will be the undoing of many Americans. Once this is over, the toilet paper hoarders will become known to their friends, scorned by their friends, then feel foolish. Theatrics and drama are far from over.

The economy is taking a hit—everyone is taking a hit. People will have to forgive those who overreacted, otherwise they will be the ones who overreact next.

The economic problem in America has roots deeper than the virus, but in society. And, society’s problem is rooted in the spiritual. Like Lincoln during the Civil War, Trump called a day for nation-wide prayer. Anyone who so chooses will come through this better off.


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