Encore of Revival: America, March 30, 2020

The main cause of destruction in America is fear. The disease behind the panic is lack of manufacturing infrastructure.

For decades, America closed its factories, complained about lost jobs, then complained even more about prices being 5 cents too high. This made China rich. And, like the valedictorian-become-CEO who couldn’t found a company to save his lunch, China was given wealth without the character-building experience to appreciate it. The Chinese got a big head, they stayed just as careless and abusive with law and order, things got out of hand, and now they are facing blame for not managing a virus they might not have even caused. That virus returned to its pontificated origin: the US. Unable to balance themselves between the poles of apathy and panic, Americans gave into fear, then fear of the virus—not the virus itself—wreaked havoc.

The virus alone was not enough to destabilize America. We needed two ingredients: a bipolar mindset of only-apathy vs only-panic and the closure of our manufacturing sector. Our lack of factories mixed our lack of mindful awareness reached critical mass with the virus serving as the spark that went boom.

Now, as Federal and State governments jockey for control of emergency supply chains, and the Federal government plays “Trump” cards (pun intended), America is addressing the two-time single cause of the problem. We are getting our factories rebuilt.

But, as Americans fear power grabs from the Federal government, and as the States appear to be the victims, an unintended consequence will erupt for anyone with a globalist agenda. The people will not only demand that factories be rebuilt; they will also demand that more powers be given to the States.


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