Encore of Revival: America, May 11, 2020

The difference between Tara Reade and Blasey Ford is tears. Justices Kavanaugh and Thomas also had tears. Then Senator Joe Biden chaired the committee at Clarence Thomas’s hearing about harassing Anita Hill two just years before his alleged assault on Tara Reade. If the allegation is true, he knew better. And, according to Tara, his words did more damage than his hands.

The DNC can’t drop Joe Biden. If DNC superdelegates overturn the favorite candidate of Democratic voters, their non-democratic methods would be exposed, just as their values already have. Remember, this is the party that supports and is supported by a promiscuous culture.

The Democratic Party has forced itself to own this. Conservative voters won’t be swayed when Democrats throw Tara under the bus. Being the party of ostensibly defending the defenseless—being the party of women, minorities, and anti-harassment—ignoring such allegations would remove their platform and their platitudes with it. As with Democratic friends like Weinstein and others in Hollywood, compassion was but a show.

Being ignored, hated, and accused are similar feelings to things going on elsewhere. A nurse in New York tries to save patients from being killed in what seems like claims of medical malpractice. Dr. Judy Mikovits was threatened and pushed, jailed and gag ordered. The passive aggression is the same. The verbal abuse is the same. The ability for the bully to get under people’s skin is the same. And, the self-destruction of the abusers, which always follows, is the same.

These stories of abuse are strikingly similar to the petty politics in power struggles in local church horror stories. A small pastor feels threatened, then starts talking down to parishioners, then entices heckling against anyone who wants to leave. Those who survived social abuse from institutional religion don’t find anything surprising about the stories from Tara Reade or Judy Mikovits or a New York nurse.

If you want to know how this will play out, research the trend-setters who somehow find themselves ahead of the curve. Research what happens to controlling clergy vs Christians who discover that Jesus is alive and well outside of Sunday morning walls. That is exactly where America is headed.


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