Encore of Revival: America, May 4, 2020

America is furious, both of them. Conservatives are fed up with restrictions against a virus that has no symptoms. Liberals are fed up with Conservatives not entering panic mode with them.

If you don’t believe in God, you will believe in anything. For some, it is the belief that animals will live as if forever if we are all vegetarian. For some, it is the belief that crashing economies and avoiding other humans is the only way to survive. For some, it is the belief that outbursts of rage are the only way to become happy.

Neither of the Americas seem willing to give up their respective beliefs in whatever they hold most dear. The only changes are the removal of ambiguity and the level of rage that follows. There is no “moderate” politician anymore. There is no “gray”, only monochrome vision which will only find a way to gain evermore stark contrast.

They myth of people with different ideals living side-by-side is debunked. Maybe some ideals can live in a mixed society with one person living next to a neighbor who disagrees without being disagreeable; but not with Liberals and Conservatives. It’s not that the Conservatives don’t want it, but the Liberals won’t allow it.

Our different views must not mix, they can only be partitioned with Liberal in one city and Conservative in another. That’s the only way forward and it will happen because both will become too extreme for the other.


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