Encore of Revival: America, May 7, 2018

The leaked questions Mueller would ask Trump should raise eyebrows about how deep the Russianewsgategate theatrics go. Contrary to propaganda, the grammatical errors don’t indicate that the list came from Trump because Trump uses very accurate grammar. For example, when most people would say, “They did bad,” Trump often says this correctly, “They did badly.” Interestingly, the “bad grammar” notion about Trump is a pop culture superstition stirred by the press among people who actually do have bad grammar. This coupled with the “bad grammar” argument coming from Mueller’s side of this lynch attempt indicates that the same people promoting the “bad grammar” view of Trump could also likely be behind this framing. Moreover, a “bad grammar” list makes the list more likely authentic, as if it is a collection of small notes of incomplete sentences that an interviewer would refer to when asking the real questions, of course with correct grammar.

Trump’s nonchalant disappointment in the Russianewsgategate investigation indicates that Trump has turned this into a war of legs rather than a war of arms; he intends to let it drag on until it loses all steam and the nation is tired of it—both his supporters tired from the pettiness and his opponents tired from results not delivered.

The Leftist arm of the mass media is certainly helping Trump. The most recent fake news about Cohen’s phone having been tapped—reported by NBC, reiterated by CNBC—is just the latest example. It’s almost as if they are trying to give Trump easy excuses to discredit them.

Another strange aspect of the Russianewsgategate “collusion” myth is the gross contradiction: With all the love and adoration that the Leftist arm of the media has held for Russia, with the Clintons having warm relations with Russia, the same media should be glad if they believe that Trump is working with their Russian role models of economics and leadership. But, they aren’t happy about the prospect of Trump cooperating with Russia because they don’t believe it’s true. This is just a ruse to connect Trump to the Hollywood myth of the “usual RAVs”—”Russians, Arabs, and Villans”. They were hoping that the American public would buy it.

Or were they? If we interpret the actions of the Leftist arm of the media, it seems they throw one slow ball after another so Trump can keep whacking it out of the park. Anti-Trumpists have no reason to be pleased with the Anti-Trump effort from the Leftists media sources they occasionally watch. It looks more and more like the Symphony opinion was right: 2018 could see an uptick in Republican victories—not that the Republican establishment can be trusted, but that times are certainly changing, something uncreative leaders in entrenched establishments loath.

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