Encore of Revival: America, November 2, 2015


History of Charlemagne repeats. The first “Holy Emperor of Rome” was crowned by Pope Leo III on Christmas day, 800AD, while praying at St. Peter’s tomb. Then the pope fell prostrate before him. At least, that’s what the new emperor said. The pope claimed that Charlemagne fell prostrate before him! A huge dispute broke out and, in the end, the “compromise” was that Charlemagne was now the new and first-ever emperor of the “Holy Roman Empire” while the pope could now decide who that emperor would be. Wasn’t that convenient!

So, the GOP can’t find a suitable speaker, suddenly the failed VP nominee saves the day and, now, we’re talking about making a speaker’s control of the House more permanent. Isn’t that convenient!

And, the GOP Establishment had a hard time with the media Establishment. Now, the GOP will come to save the day, rescuing the party from the evils of the media, managing all future RNC debates! And, by the way, they will make sure that debates don’t focus on topics that are too controversial. Wouldn’t want to upset those “swing voters” now would we? Isn’t that convenient!

Of course, when China lifted the one-child limit to two, the US complained about government limiting life, but the US did so without mentioning its own abortion policy.

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