Encore of Revival: America, November 22, 2021

The world is not responding well to the so-called “plandemic”. The important thing is not whether the global disease, as said by Judy Mikovits to have been developed under the supervision of Fauci, was actually intended to do all this. The public thinks it was because governments haven’t work carefully to earn public trust. Even without public trust, if chaos was the goal, opposing the so-called “plandemic” also achieves the same goal. So, the result is the same—almost everywhere except in peaceful Taiwan.

It’s not just the virus that was the problem, but our reaction to it. It’s amazing what a little peace and calm could do.

But, virus violence isn’t the only over-reaction where America is concerned. We have the ancient issue of guns—the one reason Russia and China have not already invaded. The best-kept secret from gun-owners is the threat of invasion that guns hold at bay. The Right makes the issue about gun owner rights. The rest of the world looks in and mocks America for having guns, but no one answers with a real reason why.

All we need is for things to get a little worse, like a broken nose, for people to see the wisdom that waited for us all along.


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