Encore of Revival: America, November 23, 2015


The guy who leaked the info about the paedophile congressman, about a decade ago, finally opined. He regretted it for two reasons. First, it embarrassed his friend whom he didn’t talk to for a decade, until they finally reconciled, which we all should be glad for. Second, it resulted in shutting down the House page program, which had been around over two hundred years.

Through the American wars, including the Civil War, the Great War, and World War II, the page program survived. But it couldn’t survive America’s judgmental Christians. There is too much gossip in America and not enough healthy communication.

The older generation should have listened to the first complaints from those kids. And, the culture should not be so unforgiving that 1. leaders were afraid to act and, then, 2. they over-reacted when they were finally forced to. Zack, the tip-off, wished even the Congressman well and apologized to the victim for releasing the story that everyone involved wanted kept secret.

All of these outcomes fit according to the Bible’s teaching of right and wrong and what happens either way, yet these outcomes also run contrary to Churchianity’s unbiblical playbook. Christians love to destroy and attack each other, like chickens pecking at the simplest wound until they kill one of their own. American Christians, especially, don’t even know how to pass simple messages to each other. They can’t deliver the pizza without crashing the party. So, they had no reason to care for the page program in Congress either.

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