Encore of Revival: America, November 23, 2020

Friday, Sidney Powell said she will present legal evidence in court within two weeks. Her claims of evidence and testimony for vote fraud far surpass the never-proven claims of the Russianewsgategate scandal. The catch is in the process; evidence in serious court cases is best presented first in court, not first to the press. While interviews and lists of court rulings surface, we can’t know the truth of her claims one way or another, yet. Only two weeks will tell.

In the meanwhile, things look grim for anti-Trumpists. While Trump plays golf and Powell behaves as if her claims are the most legit they can be, Giuliani made a statement that Powell is not officially on the Trump legal team per se. Why play golf and clarify that the loudest voice of defense is not on your team? Trump’s actions are not those of the Democrats who lost in 2016 nor Bush who lost in 1992. Whatever he’s up to, it looks like he is playing it cool with a royal flush in his hand. Whether Trump and Powell are bluffing remains to be seen, but they haven’t folded. And, their actions are not those of a loser; Democrats and mainstream media think they are.

Far more important than Trump winning in court are the developments within the Republican base. They are irate with the Republican Party’s inaction. Perhaps the RNC hopes to manipulate them into support for Powell’s “big reveal” at the end; they are irate nonetheless. They are a quiet people, not always prone to shout for Trump at every moment. And, they are fierce when roused to wrath. More than these, they have a strange love for each other.

The Sunflower students who took Taiwan’s Legislature in 2014 had the same mutual love, and with it came “political electricity”. Nothing could stop them.

Neither the Republican nor Democratic parties can ignore their respective bases. The DNC is doing the will of its base, even in what Powell portrays as an attempt to, more or less, institute a nation-wide political machine. Democratic voters still support their party. Neither the DNC nor its base can accept a Trump victory.

The Republican base cares nothing for the Republican Party, but they will not accept a Trump loss either. They differ from the DNC base, however, in their calmness and strange, mutual love. Democratic voters will be furious and dangerous; Republican voters will be deadly. Both are being conditioned for genocidal thoughts against the other. Republican voters would win that brawl. The least destructive solution is that Powell calmly wins her case in court and the RNC takes supportive action accordingly, but post-election months still won’t be fun.


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