Encore of Revival: America, October 29, 2018

This past week began rich in fodder for headline minions. Statements like “bomb delivered to home of… [insert prominent Democrat]” and “Kavanaugh recused in three cases…” might convince a non-self-educated idiot that something was wrong. But, anyone who reads past the headlines should know that these stories shouldn’t even make the third page.

At least thirteen bombs were delivered, but none of them went off. That’s not the work of a “mail bomber”, but the work of a “fail bomber” or a “dud mailer”. Kavanaugh was recused from the cases because he has already been a judge with a decision and an opinion in those cases. In other words, Kavanaugh was recused for being over-qualified as a judge and being such an honest person that he won’t rule a second time on a case he already ruled on in a lower court.

Initially, the mailed duds looked like typical Democratic “wolf” crying. After the Ford testimony theater and unreported proof that another Kavanaugh accusation wasn’t true, Americans suspected the mail duds were also a self-inflicted conspiracy for pre-election sympathy. But, as more and more high profile Democratic heavyweights received dud bomb packages, it seemed more like an unexpected ruse that the Democratic media machine was hoping to salvage.

Then, terror struck. For the Democratic media machine, this meant losing valuable headline space before an election. For Jewish families in Pittsburgh, it meant grief and loss.

Then, the caravan halted. Mexico offered refugee lifestyle—housing, employment, education—a few even applied, making the caravan smaller. A child was kidnapped and the caravan stopped moving.

Midweek, the usual headline fodder took a 110° jackknife turn. What happened?—A shot across the bow happened, from whom we just don’t know.

Whatever story lays behind this “fail dud bomber”, this week was a warning to Democrats at the highest levels. Whether this was a self-inflicted media stunt that failed to get whatever victim election favor status was hoped for or if it was a genuine surprise, Democrats no longer have power. Their caravan can’t move on schedule. They aren’t as popular as they once thought. And, most sacred to Democratic elite class party bosses, their home addresses are known to scary people. If that’s not a shot across their bow, nothing is.

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