Encore of Revival: America, September 14, 2015


On the eve of 9/11, Republican leadership passed up a strong legal argument to keep money away from Iran. The GOP seems bent on making the case for the third party in elections after 2016. The House, by some contrast, made a symbolic move, but with no power. Republican politicians are a lot better at powerless symbolism than a Kentucky County Clerk is. Kim Davis did something very good, yet no one seems to be saying the real reason why. Right or wrong, she was politically incorrect, something the country needs.

No, she’s not slacking off on her job. But the bigger issue is how various social causes have been pushing their goals and expecting everyone else to instantly get out of the way. They don’t know how to deal with opposition, as if they are entitled to victory without a fight. You should always expect resistance, especially if you’re in the right. But good people in the country are too “polite” and willing to “go along to get along”. Finally, someone stood up and refused to be pushed against conscience.

She didn’t deny a building permit to homosexuals. She didn’t order the inspector to conjure up zoning and building code violations. She just refused to issue a license that she thinks is wrong—and was illegal when she was elected. Were she appointed, she should have just quit her job. But, she was elected, which complicates things a little.

As an elected official, she can be recalled. If her constituency supports her, then a Federal judge just angered thousands of people in Kentucky. But we don’t know if he did. Though the ruling to let her deputies do what goes against her conscience is reasonable, the judge might have done better to order a recall vote, effectively saying, “I didn’t appoint you. Answer to the people you’re accountable to.”

But more is going on than simply issuing licenses.

SCOTUS’ ruling on pairrage made no provision for all the complex transitions required by changing a seven thousand year old term. A court cannot order a change without a way to make that change happen. Religious opinions aside, Kim Davis did her job, SCOTUS did not.

Pairrage wouldn’t even be a debate if the tax code wasn’t so concerned about it. Simplifying the tax code would bring justice to everyone, including same-sex pairs. But no one is doing that.

Changes are being made in America in a most hasty way. The changes are sweeping, messy, and aggressive. We live in a country with different ideologies. We need to address them carefully. Churchianity dominated for centuries, now homosexuality wants to dominate back. We need to stop dominating each other. With all the slop and force, unilaterally expecting everyone else to adopt debated values, it’s high time someone stand up and simply refuse to join goals they disagree with.

It is wrong to use law to impose religious values on others. But that is what many new policies are doing. And people expect others to go along with it just because it’s a different religious value, regardless of the imposition.

There is a right and wrong way to address problems. And it is healthy for someone to hold fast and say, “You’ve gotten a lot that you’ve asked for already. No one can have everything. I won’t seek to attack you, but I won’t join you either.”

Trump basically said that and he’s rises in the polls every day. Even criticism against him is a compliment. Ask Robert Redford.

On the anniversary of 9/11, a rainbow stood in the place of the trade center. No matter who you think is attacking your country, have peace. God remembers His promises.

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