Encore of Revival: America, September 21, 2015


You’ll hear Conservative-minded college students say, “Trump is like Obama, touting change and playing populism.” It’s Libertarian professor propaganda. The notion that Trump is “just a business man wanting to make money and may not even finish” is classic envy. Libertarians think they have the hack on politics and money… and Trump spoils that.

Obama fueled hatred while saying “Hope”. Trump fuel’s hope without saying it. Trump and Obama are nothing alike. But the “cool kids” would likely think so.

In the second GOP debate, courtesy CNN and the Reagan Library—Jeb jabbed and gabbed, claiming that Trump still wants Hillary to negotiate, based on one comment from the past. He pulled out the old “you two stop fighting” high school tactic to earn popularity points. He claimed that Trump wanted gambling in Florida under his governorship rather than his predecessor’s. He accused Cruz of hypocrisy for approving two Supreme Justices that he wouldn’t have nominated. And he even claimed that his brother kept us safe—the popular thing to say… 12 years ago. Jeb seems to think he’s in a teenage popularity contest.

Carly was mad and bitter. She had some good points, which will hook a few voters for a while. But it’s becoming clear how her resentment made it hard to survive in the business world.

The other Republican candidates have great stuff to say, though they can’t all be elected.

Trump is the nation’s “Rich Dad”, a bottom line boost and a builder. Whatever Trump’s weaknesses—true or false, large or minimal—he’s the imperfectly great dad we need right now. Good dads are difficult for the nation to recognize these days. Maybe that’s why Libertarian professors know college students will easily confuse Trump with Obama.

Trump should be glad Rand Paul is on stage. He’ll need Paul as a friend in the Senate. Paul serves as the nation’s conscience and Carson as our moral compass. That dispels all fear. The Lord is in control as always.

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