Encore of Revival: America, September 23, 2019

Drama, drama, drama… With the celebritization of Kavanaugh, the judiciary is gaining even more power than it had in the past.

The Left is unhappy with new judges who hold the value of “applying the law”, rather than judges who “do whatever they think is right”. What you think is right might not be what I think is right. Who decides? The law should. Liberals want judges who take sides and create an imbalance. New judges will keep balance and apply the law, even if they disagree with it, thereby giving justice even to their enemies. The only way that the Left hopes to stop this new sweep of justice in our courts is to attack Kavanaugh—but that is only making him famous and, thus, more powerful.

Drama is the Left’s way of shooting its foot off. AOC has been a gift to the Republicans. Congressional Democrats just don’t get how much they alienate voters with their incessant pushing. Of course there are voters who support their left-of-center ideals, but not most voters. And, they don’t know that. And, it’s about to cost them the election.

Washington as Usual


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