Prelude to Conflict: Asia, Feb 23


China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently…

China and the US: Its good to talk

…Lots of talk about not much.

Majority reject unification: TISR poll

This is not what leaders are doing.

 DPP Chair Su Tseng-chang meets with U.S. congressional delegation visiting Taiwan

Kuomintang Meets in Cross-Straight Relations, not State-to-State Relations

…rather than “Taiwan” meets with US.

…rather than “Taiwan meets with China.

…don’t want a unified Taiwan-China, how about a unified Taiwan? SOMETHING needs to be unified. Maybe they can be unified about talking. Talking was the theme in the prelude to WWII. It looks to be the same in the prelude to WWIII.

 China denounces Barack Obama’s meeting with Dalai Lama

“The United States supports the Dalai Lama’s ‘middle way’ approach of neither assimilation nor independence for Tibetans in China,” said Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for the White House’s national security council. She said presidents from both parties had met the Dalai Lama over the decades.

Re: criticisms of Tibet and China’s human rights record, Zhu Weiqun, chairman of the ethnic and religious affairs committee of the main advisory body to China’s parliament, wrote on the state-run website

“We can only push the west to change its way of thinking if we let them understand that China’s power cannot be avoided … and that the west’s interests lie in development and maintaining ties with China, not the opposite.”

 US v China: is this the new cold war?

The Financial Times article makes a good case for the US to strengthen its position to avert war, but instead, the US seems to be preparing for a large-scale war. Of course, no one knows what Washington is thinking and all battle plans are out the window once the first shot is fired.

China summons U.S. official over meeting between Obama and Dalai Lama

 China’s Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui summoned Daniel Kritenbrink, charge d’affaires of the U.S. embassy in China on Friday night, according to a statement posted on the Chinese foreign ministry’s website.

“The United States must take concrete actions to regain the trust of the Chinese government and people,” Zhang said.

 China’s Naval Chief Says Smog is Best Defence Against US Laser Weapons

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