Prelude to Conflict: Asia, June 30


A Chinese “big wig” visited Taiwan this week, sent from the TAO (Taiwan Affairs Office). The visit met strong opposition. Police were accused of warrantless searches of the protestors. More professors, scholars, political delegates with experience, and former Sunflower leaders are speaking out about too many things in too many locations to list them all. The message is clear: China wants Taiwan to become a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China and Taiwan doesn’t want anything to do with it. Who will win? What will the US eventually do to keep their promise to protect Taiwan from China? One way or another, the outcome will probably be in the form of history repeating itself. Whether Beijing or the US wins this showdown, we know for sure that a showdown is coming and the winner will be whoever has learned the most from history. Those who don’t learn their history are condemned to repeat it. Asia Pacific is no exception.

Protests in Taiwan over Chinese official visit

Selective law enforcement at protests

Taiwanese PPT discussion forum about protests (Chinese)

Activists outraged over raid at hotel

Protesters, police scuffle outside Legislative Yuan

Jiang places collective rights over individual ones

Packed day for Zhang, but media kept at arm’s length

TAO visit shows fragility of democracy: symposium

Chen Wei-ting tries to join HK rallies, denied entry

Long-term opposition to China continues in Taiwan as military prep against Taiwan continues against China

Sunflowers altered dynamics: Schriver

China’s President Xi calls for stronger frontier defences, reports Xinhua

Meanwhile, NK escalates their own mischief, thus inviting the international community to investigate in China’s own back yard

North Korea launches two missiles, defies U.N. ban

HK protestors are making demands about elections

Hong Kong wraps up unofficial democracy poll in defiance of Beijing

Macau jumps on the Anti-China bandwagon

Huge protest in Macau echoes Taiwan’s Sunflower

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