Encore of Revival: America, May 31, 2021

The US government faces legal battles on several sides. New York is pursuing criminal prosecution against a former Republican president, but not against a former Democratic Secretary of State and New York Senator. In a lawful society, criminal prosecution against former politicians wouldn’t be tolerated. But, we live in vindictive times. And, whatever vindication goes around comes back around.

Courts are looking at standing issues for whether police were wrong to clear a path for the president to walk to church. Reports continue to spread about police abuse. But, speaking of vindication, the biggest issue today comes from the Count of Monte Cristo, Jesus of The Passion, Jim Caviezel. He’s on a mission to expose human trafficking of children—to harvest their fear chemicals before killing them. Reports and exposure are the basis of a movie, Sound of Freedom. Elites supposedly use the chemicals to get high. An article mocking Caviezel can’t use enough adjectives of opinion. Excess use of adjectives seems to be the new standard in news writing.

If true, elites, including Hollywood, wouldn’t want any movie to be made about this. Instead of appearing innocent and supporting the movie, Hollywood and friends appear guilty as sin while the Caviezel’s movie sees one delay after another. Nothing could be more convincing that the movie is credible than the endless delays, which Hollywood could stop, not even overuse of adjectives from dissidents.

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