Cadence of Conflict: Asia, February 22, 2016


China is deploying weapons. The US is responding with pressure—mostly economic, some political, always involving alliances. Money and trade are atop the list.

China’s unusual manipulation of its money is documented and under more scrutiny than ever.

According to Chinese State-run media, China has weapons on disputed islands by right. According to the government, US concern over militarizing those islands is “hype”. Still, Asean is watching the Pacific and so is Bloomberg.

China signals it will not back down over South China Sea deployments as foreign minister heads to US | SCMP

China Spurs Biggest Yuan Rally Since 2005 as Zhou Voices Support | Bloomberg

US to press Asean leaders on trade and South China Sea dispute at summit | Straits Times

China deploying missiles in Paracels | Taipei Times

China confirms ‘weapons’ on island | Taipei Times

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