Encore of Revival: America, February 29, 2016


Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. If Trump doesn’t secure 51% of RNC delegates, and if we therefore have a brokered convention—where delegates are not bound to their votes—the establishment will turn on Trump and he will go third party. That might push Sanders to do the same thing. Then we have four main candidates for president—making us more like Israel in their elections.

All these donors who gave big money to people like Jeb are going to have to rethink future donations.

You read it here first: People like Trump because of what Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven as a “kingdom of violence and the violent take by force”. Vox tries to understand it by labelling it “authoritarianism”.

Cruz and Rubio are self-destructing—Cruz like a churchboy who only knows how to be slimy in a fight, Rubio like one of the cool kids who only knows to laugh at his opponent when he’s getting his butt kicked for the first time.

The FBI, having reportedly told the county authorities to reset the iPhone’s ID, destroyed whatever way Apple had to help—including everything the FBI is asking for now. If the FBI’s incompetence is disproven, that could pave the way for a case involving obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence. But, there are many more details we don’t know. Kasich was right, this should not be discussed in public.

There is a geek factor over which Limbaugh disagreed with all RNC candidates, even Trump, on Apple, with a footnote on Kasich. So it seems, neither the candidates nor the FBI understand how much the FBI messed up and the coding abomination of desolation the FBI is asking Apple to make. Getting all the info would have been super easy had the FBI followed instructions. Then, there were extra options at the FBI’s disposal because the phone was a government phone, already providing back doors to the government that didn’t even require a warrant. But, the FBI messed up so badly that Apple would have to redirect resources to a special team to create the ultimate weapon—making Apple and the FBI a hacking target of every government and crime organization. Spare Kasich, the candidates and the FBI all come across like an adult who doesn’t know how to use a mouse. They also seem inept in business terms over the fact that no terrorist would by an “FBiPhone”. And, as Kasich mentioned, this should not be in the public eye. Now, either way, terrorists will know which phones are more and less secure. Apple’s mistake is talking only about customers, without much mention that Apple customers include governments. While the FBI lectures too much and listens to little, Apple doesn’t know enough of its own customers well enough.

“…everybody in that stage last night, Trump included, got the Apple versus the FBI question wrong…” – Limbaugh

…Apple v FBI

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