Encore of Revival: America, April 18, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, April 18, 2016

Drama and theatrics! Trump and friends complain about the Colorado results long after those results were foretold—August. Generally, Americans have only responded to problems after the fact, never when those problems clearly loomed on the horizon. Trump at Colorado was no exception. Either Trump is incompetent or only complaining after the inevitable results was a brilliant staging of theatrics.

Cruz’s theatrics took their own form this week. In a display that many still can’t digest, once dinner was served, Cruz gave a boilerplate speech for any occasion, after Trump and Kasich gave NY-specific speeches before dinner. His mic kept working at the event, but the live video switched to a house mic, making him difficult to hear. Later, more sound cut out. Yet, not even Cruz’s own campaign chairman pointed out what happened. “Some mic problems” was his dismissive concession when he should have objected. All the brilliant experts had the same false analysis—rather than reporting that the dinner plans and microphone disrupted Cruz, the as-if-choreographed coordinated-like response of the media is that Cruz was wilfully ignored by the dinner audience.

Again, Americans don’t complain at foresight, only in hindsight. Trump and Colorado’s rules, Cruz and dinner being served—everyone acts as if the obvious results were a total surprise. If truly surprised, these news pundits and personalities should resign to make room for better men than they. Conspiracy theories fly, but there is always more going on.

Consider the other conspiracy theory favorites: a staged 9/11 attack, the false Obama birth certificate… While reports of controlled demolition-style explosions and reported evidence of Thermite at Ground Zero seem convincing, the alleged pre-reporting of the second impact by Sky News and the trail of JPEG artifacts behind a plane in the video make it look more like the conspiracy was that a conspiracy be perceived. If Obama’s PDF birth certificate is valid evidence, then the IRS won’t need paper prints for tax audits anymore—unlikely as much as suspicious. But, the presence of PDF layers makes it seem as if someone at the White House wanted it to look like a fake. Once a conspiracy theory includes such obvious blunders, it is no longer valid. Either the alleged conspirators are totally incompetent—and therefore need not be so feared as theorists propose—or there was no conspiracy, only the appearance of one to serve as a rouse.

So, with Cruz and with Trump, such obvious games beg the question: What is everyone up to? Why did Cruz prepare a bland speech for an event where he wouldn’t be heard, where he was reported as being ignored as if he could be heard? Why did Trump act as if what everyone knew from August would happen in Colorado wouldn’t happen?

Consider Paul Ryan: Cruz worked to oust John Boehner. Former VP nominee Paul Ryan “didn’t want” to be Speaker, but is anyway. Now, Boehner recommends Ryan, who “doesn’t want” to be President… and the only reason people are talking about it is because Cruz won’t quit when he’s losing.

The only sure conclusion thus far is: Trump is a master at winning by losing while Cruz continues to be a master at winning by losing while pretending to try to win. That qualifies Trump amongst the most brilliant Commanders in Chief, right up there with wartime presidents W and FDR, who also roused the nation to war after their respective foreseeable attacks. As for Cruz, he is perfect to stay in the Senate. It seems that’s what he wants, whether as Ryan’s VP or as a Senator who continues to help Ryan by losing more battles during a Trump administration.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UT: Cruz 69% 40/40 Kasich 17% Trump 14%

AZ: Trump 47% 58/58 Cruz 25% Rubio 14% Kasich 10% Carson 3%

Politico Election

Fox Election

CNN Election

Michigan Board of Ed denies parents, doctors: Children choose own gender (Daily Caller)

Pediatricians: ‘Gender Identity’ choice = harm, child abuse (ACPEDS)

Video: Good Samaritan on LA Subway (Daily Caller)

Brussels, photos (Daily Mail)

Brussels was warned, 2 Senators a new miss (Bloomberg)

Pallet: No one could “see” blue color in ancient times | Facebook – Tech Insider

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fox Election

CNN Election

Trump: FL, IL, NC, MP, MO+0.2%? Kasich: OH

NBC calls Trump MO, 32 delegates (NBC)

Florida—Rubio, Trump, Clinton… (AP)

House: 383-0, ISIS genocide of Christians (Young Conservatives)

Photo: Trump-charger stands on flag (Facebook – Justin Adams)

Newt: RNC can’t stop Trump, viz FL (Breitbart)

Auto-Homeland could admit wrong immigrants (Yahoo-Reuters)

Establishment: Boehner endorses Paul Ryan for president | Politico

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump broke 50% (YouGov)

Soros funds Hillary (Bloomberg)

Trump wants two-way street protection alliance with Japan, Japan objects (Japan Times)

Japan softly protests Trump’s ‘devalued yen’ comment (Japan Today)

China angry at Trump (Australia Network)

Pro-Cruz Establishment (WA Post)

Bernie’s still kicking (Politico)

Kasich and Rubio likely to lose home games (McClatchy DC)

Trump protests: police, video, pics, Tweets (RT)

Palin’s husband in snow machine accident, detours home (NBC)

Unplanned: Edward Snowden joins Twitter… 47GB of notifications | RT

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Encore of Revival: America, March 7, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, March 7, 2016

Wait… Did a former GOP nominee urge voters to not vote for someone who was asked to sign a pledge of party loyalty? If ears and eyes dost not deceive, then the GOP thinks loyalty is a one-way street.

Bernie supporters think that he has a chance. They have a “be positive, we can” attitude. They don’t seem to understand the mafia-style, backroom deal, secret money exchanges that affect elections. They really think that elections are about the best ideas and honest effort.

Trump continues to be misunderstood by journalists and establishment bosses. With Kansas and Maine taking the turn they did, with Ohio leaning for Kasich a strong 2nd, and with Michigan polls still settling, GOP primaries are far from over. With Trump not having Texas, and probably not Ohio, July will likely be a brokered convention. The best power choice would be to keep Cruz in the Senate with a Trump-Kasich ticket. The strong-vote choice would be a Trump-Cruz ticket, seating the failed 2012 VP behind Trump at the 2017 State of the Union next to the man who put him there. The establishment-game, if left unchanged, would deny both Trump and Cruz the ticket, leading to a likely four or five candidate election—if Trump goes third party, Cruz would probably also have been dejected, and Bernie would have another chance. America will get a front-row view of the wheeling and dealing of party politics, just as the party bosses get a balcony ticket to the response of the masses who won’t have it anymore.

It’s already time to grab a popcorn, a cup of coffee, and start thinking about 2024.

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