Encore of Revival: America, May 18, 2015

American spying diminishes trust among allies in Europe.  White House nuke deal diminishes trust in the Middle East.

America watched the Blessing of the Bikes in Baldwin, MI; and curse of the bikers in Waco, TX.

Taiwan’s left party (democracy, freedom) has a sole front runner, their right (fascist, Beijing-friendly) party has none. America’s left party (democratic, Marxist) has a sole front-runner, their right has too many. America’s fate is tied to Taiwan in the Pacific with China as much as it is with party politics, so it seems… and it also seems to be tied to a stage being set for revival.

Germans are still digesting their complicity with America’s digital spy agency

White House: Gulf leaders not snubbing President Obama

…Shep: “If it walks like a snub and it talks like a snub, it’s a snub, isn’t it?”

US House passes RIMPAC Taiwan rule

…If Beijing practices with US Navy, so can Taiwan, Beijing won’t be happy.

Kerry Meets With China’s Foreign Minister Over Disputed Islands

…NPR story, diagram and explanation

China demands US warships keep away from disputed South China Sea islands

…Video, many pictures, and much background

Blessing of the Bikes Draws Thousands to Baldwin

9 dead in Texas biker brawl

…CNN, video report

‘War Zone’: Biker Gang Fight Leaves 9 Dead, 18 Wounded in Texas

…Timeline of events

Watch: Stephanopoulos Apologizes to ‘This Week’ Viewers

…First NBC, now ABC

KMTitanic 10: The Ship is Foundering

…On Taiwan’s unusual party politics, similar to US RNC…

Large GOP field has party leaders anxious about their chances in ’16

Clinton is banking on the Obama coalition to win

…The most talked-about in news