Prelude to Conflict: Asia, June 16


More “Pacific Mussolini”, China finally makes the first move by appealing to the UN. No one can say there isn’t a Pacific problem anymore and most of the world will blame China.

Chinese media: China will challenge the US in South China Sea

Sunflower Facebook Page: A roundup of recent events

…More on the increasing power grabs and corruption in Taiwan.

Photos: Taiwan Police Day

…English comments on a Nazi-like Police show in Taiwan

Nazi-Taiwan comparison photo

…More in Taiwan are comparing the Taiwan police to Nazi police.

Apple Daily article (original Chinese, N Korea and violence contrast photos)

On eve of visit, China warns UK not to lecture it on human rights

Does China Care About its International Image?

…More anti-China punditry

No [Taiwan] military role in protests: bureau

…Rumors, fears, and clarifications: Taiwan is discussing the military’s role with the police. More evidence of a rising Mussolini in the Pacific.

China-Vietnam Clash Could Spawn New Anti-China Alliance

…Analysis of several decades through last week concerning China and Pacific conflict

China Takes Dispute With Vietnam to UN

…No outcome would be in China’s favor, even if the International community sides with China, the US would say the UN is irrelevant like Bush did in 2003.

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