Prelude to Conflict: Asia, June 9


China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently…

Chinese pressure forces minister to change plans

…China now controlling flight connections for Taiwan officials.

Beijing rejects tribunal request for plea response

Legal authorities are ‘abusing powers’

…More reports akin to a rising Mussolini in the Pacific

Rising red tide: China’s navy, air force rapidly expanding its size and reach

[Taiwan] Radar might be compromised: report

…1. A sign that China is extremely aggressive and 2. an excuse for US to boost their own presence in the Pacific

Deceptive: Over 80% of People in Taiwan Identify Themselves as Members of Chinese Nation

…Misleading propaganda from the official KMT/”Nationalist” party controlling Taiwan. The 80% “Chinese nation” is an ethereal identity, people who identify themselves with the only option to have Chinese heritage AND NOT part of China. But, in a childish play on words, the report makes it seem as if the public favors the unspoken agenda of the KMT/Nationalist party: unification with Communist China without becoming official “Chinese citizens”. The report should read “80% oppose reunification with China”. It seems that the KMT is attempting to fool English speakers, specifically Americans. Propaganda indicates what a leader fears: The KMT doesn’t want the US to understand what is actually happening between US ally Taiwan and China. This bolsters the ongoing analysis, that KMT President Ma is a rising Mussolini in the Pacific who fears that the US could interrupt his love affair with Communist Beijing and that Ma is willing to tell any lie and violate any human rights to get what he wants.

China and Vietnam Acts of War

…The clearest example yet that China goes wherever they want, then accuse anyone who opposes them of being the instigator.

Journalist Gets Three Sentences into Report Before Mentioning Tiananmen

“Faux news” satire piece, like a Pacific topic of the Onion, on how obsessed journalists are with reporting on Tiananmen near the annual anniversary. Here is one example on the general obsession with Tiananmen. The following five articles are the top stories on the Chinese Institute Blog, all having the same picture. Links followed by screenshot of the blog:

Controlling space and controlling memory

The Tiananmen generation

Democracy spring, 1989

Tiananmen, democracy and the CCP

Tiananmen, Sunflowers and the Framing of Democratisation in China and Taiwan

*Image is used under fair use as this is a critical work. The China Policy Institute Blog is usually a source of good academics and reliable information. This example is not any reason to discredit the blog or the writers, but illustrates a general obsession in world-wide journalism with writing on the same topics. The top five posts are about the same topic of Tiananmen and use the same graphic:



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