Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 21, 2015


Tensions intensify in the China seas. Beijing knows it. Washington knows it. Everyone knows it.

Japan delayed a US cooperation step-up due to popularity issues. The Japanese public is tired of the US war machine in their back yard, however increasingly necessary Chinese patterns make such cooperation. Perhaps Japan suffers from US-imosed affluenza. Japan’s Diet is holding off until the public “figures out” that cooperation with the US is a good idea. Do they know something we don’t? What exactly is it that will happen to convince the Japanese voters to change their minds? The Diet seems to think that we’ll find out soon enough.

Taiwan’s historic election is fast approaching. Debate formats have been agreed to. The new likely party is recognizing progress from the sinking establishment. China’s answer to a new political power remains unknown.


US Navy admiral warns of arms race in South China Sea (Taipei Times, Reuters)

China touts week of war games in South China Sea (Taipei Times, Reuters)


Japan to delay revising military support accord with U.S. (Japan Today)


DPP says KMT getting rid of party assets (Taipei Times)

KMT agrees to DPP’s debate format (Taipei Times)