Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 6, 2021

This week, Slovokia cozies up to Taiwan. This is dangerously close to the Czech Republic. Formerly, the two were “Czechoslovakia” until 1993. Pacific Daily Times has some dark information about Taiwan’s poor treatment of a Czech citizen. As calls to different levels of Taiwan’s government have gone unanswered or refused, Taiwan could face major challenges while cozying up to Eastern Europe, but refusing to redress a laundry list of egregious mistreatment of foreign visitors. An exclusive PDT interview is in the works.

Ironically, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe said this week, “A stronger Taiwan, a thriving Taiwan, and a Taiwan that guarantees freedom and human rights are also in Japan’s interests. Of course, this is also in the interest of the whole world.” Abe doesn’t know that his statement is an indictment against Taiwan with Czech as witness.

For too long, the Times has sat on the darker side of Taiwan. The world doesn’t know what it is getting into as the West paints Taiwan as the adorable poster boy. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen’s words were correct in 2020, that Taiwan is a vibrant democracy worth saving. But, it is up to the government of Taiwan to make the necessary amends to repair decades of unreported hatred fostered among foreigners who visit Taiwan. And, it is up to the Taiwanese people to become both aware and concerned enough to compel their own democratic government to make such amends.

Meanwhile, Bret Baier asked Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for his thoughts on China’s incursion of Taiwan’s airspace. Austin publicly said that they look like “rehearsals” for war. Baier asked directly what the US would do if “China invades Taiwan”.

Chinese invasion of Taiwan is being asked openly and simply. This is a major turn of events, that the Western press believes questions about Taiwan can be asked without needing to re-educate the public about Taiwan’s history with China. Taiwan is on the map, namely as China’s first invasion target. All eyes of the world may soon turn toward Taiwan, like eyes of the universe turned toward Arrakis in the fictional story Dune. But, the bigger news will be how Taiwan decides to change its treatment toward visitors from the world when that happens.


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