Cadence of Conflict: Asia, May 10, 2021

China’s rocket disintegrated as it returned to the atmosphere. It was almost metaphoric. Many objected to China’s plan to let this rocket make re-entry where it did, and China didn’t care. It worked out, but didn’t help China listen to others any. And, it didn’t help other nations gain any respect for China. In a sense, China’s international reputation is disintegrating just like its rocket did.

A handful of nations are holding a summit about Xinjiang. China responded to the planned meeting as expected. The meeting is going forward as expected.

Now, Chinese companies are running out of semiconductors. They can’t get the good tech they need and they don’t know how to create it themselves. Perhaps China could benefit from some freedom, respect for rights, and a few other Western values from the countries whose free, happy people were free and happy enough to develop that tech China needs. But, far be it for anyone to offer any suggestion to China.

Trade & Tech

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Warnings came…
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Military Faceoff

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