Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 20, 2021

China steps up expansion via Hong Kong elections. Seven editors are banned from Wikipedia on concerns of not acting in good faith and with relation to China. The US sails through the Taiwan Straight again, this time a destroyer. Taiwan wants more backup runways for fighter jets. Escalations only continue and no side shows any sign of backing down.


Hong Kong kicks off first ‘patriots only’ election // Yahoo News

Wikipedia fights ‘infiltration’ by Chinese group // Taipei Times

Former Joint Chiefs chair: Nothing unusual about Milley’s contacts with China // Politico


More emergency military runways, legislator urges // Taipei Times

US Navy destroyer sails through Strait // Taipei Times

US legislators back UN for Taiwan // Taipei Times

Hong Kong

Hong Kong elite select new ‘patriots only’ committee // Taipei Times

Hong Kong few select powerful new ‘patriots only’ committee // Aljazeera