Encore of Revival: America, April 16, 2018

The self-destructive establishmentarians are imploding the FBI from the helm and Facebook is run by kids who don’t know what they’re doing.

For decades the FBI was considered above reproach, but not anymore. Raiding a private attorney’s office and private residence stoops to new lows after an investigation has only proven less and less likely to find a problem. It proved more unlikely after this raid. The real purpose of the raid was to punish Cohen for being Trump’s attorney to discourage others from working with the president who is draining the establishment’s swamp. Now, that swamp is making it evident why it must be drained.

Trump should not fire Mueller; he should suspend his work and his team while a special council is hired to investigate what went on in a special counsel investigation team that hasn’t found anything since it was commissioned.

Facebook’s kids at the helm understand computer code and know how to make software, but like the kids running most app companies, they don’t have the scruples to guide their software to make just and fair decisions for their users. We see the child-like culture in Zuckerberg’s apology to the public and how he pleads with the Senate committee members like a child asking to keep the keys to his car.

The best explanation of Comey is fear that Clinton would get elected and retaliate if he tried to harm her or didn’t help her before her election. He expected her election, which holds bearing on his decisions. This “higher road” approach is often used by politically-oriented and otherwise incompetent leaders who appear pious as they refuse to pursue justice against those who harm others. He didn’t want to be “the torture guy” and he didn’t want to go after Clinton; nice guys don’t do those things, after all.

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