Encore of Revival: America, December 14, 2020

And so, the crud hits the fan. Elections only work with a consensus of trust. A distrusted election result can’t work; the masses won’t allow it, even if the inaugural ceremonies continue. Neither Trump nor Biden can persist as president past January except in name only. This is how nations split every few centuries. We live to see historic times.

Eighteen states, including Texas, sued the four swing states for illegally changing election rules mid season. If we count the undisputed votes and Republican legislatures of those four states which heard the evidence, that would be twenty-two states for Trump. Twenty-two Democratic states filed to object. If results favor Republicans, the nation is split right down the middle. Each side is convinced it is in the right—Democrats because they saw it on the news—Republicans because they saw it at government hearings which were specifically not on the news. That’s all the reason either side has ever needed to believe anything they believe.

Neither side even tried to persuade the other in a way that could be heard. The news-Democrat side simply asserted a result, marginalizing questions as “atypical”, ignoring the fact that eighteen states can’t be atypical by definition and cannot become atypical by mere assertion. Conservatives and Republican voters argued “evidence” and “rules” after sewing distrust of rules through a century of refusing justice to Democratic voter needs.

Neither side was ever going to concede. The Supreme Court stayed out of it, arguing “lack of standing”. Democratic-run states answered with blanket denial one would expect from China—and it seemed to work on the Supreme Court, though it never works when China does it. With the Senate sending a blistering 83 votes against Trump’s veto promise on a military bill, Republican voters feel betrayed. Surely, the gun-owning Republicans are mulling over multiple militarized responses. Democrats would riot before conceding. If Trump ever does concede, it would indicate he has plans to eventually win by means more formidable than a militarized option. Concession from either side would be fake, indicating hidden danger to come.

Those eighteen states may boycott the electoral college, denying the two-thirds quorum; if they don’t then their lawsuit was only for show. If the Electoral College names Biden, he can rightly be called the “President-Elect” for the first time, even if in question. And, if he gets that title while in question, America will see Conservative rage—and Liberal riots in response—like never before. Liberals aren’t fond of following rules when they lose because the rules are unfair against them all too often. Lawless Liberals are somewhat common; lawless Conservatives are a bigger league altogether. God forbid that Liberals break enough rules to convince Conservatives to stop following their own rules. That is a wrath none could prepare for. There is no peaceful resolution, but at least Americans all agree on the depth of our long-neglected problems.


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