Encore of Revival: America, June 6, 2016


In a real-life drama resemblant of the novel-based movie All the King’s Men, Bill Krystol may have convinced another establishment military-focused Conservative to end his own career, this time in writing. David French writes for the National Review, is a lawyer and a war veteran. Krystol plans to make French the Dump Trump candidate with the expressed purpose of losing the election, both for himself and for Trump.

It is interesting how the “Dump Trump” group is full of writers with Conservative and RINO audiences. And, it seems their goal is not only to bring down Trump, but their own industries. Krystol’s goal is echoed in comments from writers at the Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal. “The Establishment”, voiced by big wigs in the writing zone of the press, plan to scuttle their own ship before the people elect their own choice. Their words betray an inner auto-suggestion that a democracy is wrong to elect its own elected and the press alone ought to determine election outcomes.

Meanwhile, back in the bathroom, the circuit court rejected an appeal of its own decision. While conflict of interest is another question altogether—specifically in a lower court’s ability to determine whether its own ruling can be appealed—the transgender concept itself is on display. And, it seems to correlate with the auto-destruct of the “RINO writing Establishment”.

Even the Liberals in media are willing to use Trump, whom they despise, because they know they make money from interviewing and hating on him. But, the RINO writer posse can’t even be that smart. As anti-Darwinian as Liberals love to be, and as much as the RINO writer posse gang loves to criticize the Left for being anti-Darwinian in their politics, the RINO writer posse really showed its own true colors on this one. They are more anti-Darwinian than the anti-Darwinians. Even as Capitalists, they cannot survive this fatal flaw.

Writers and transgenders alike have a history of expecting every leader to capitulate only to the smallest opposition, never the largest. This infectious mentality has infiltrated corporate American leadership: A few fake emails was enough for sponsors to dump Limbaugh, even though their customer base silently supported the opposite. They gambled and lost. A CEO is expected to dump the very principles that made a company successful, thereby dumping the majority of their silently-happy customers, merely because of one complaint from a disloyal—but outspoken—customer. RINO-audience writers expect Conservative candidates to drop their values in exchange for Liberal rhetoric “so as not to make their opponents oppose them”. And, some—neither all nor most—transgenders want their own biology and the rest of society to be entirely rearranged merely because of how they feel this morning.

It’s not that transgender needs to be any enemy of society. People involved in the transgender issue could have a powerful victory over the dilemma—if happiness is the goal and “capitulation” is the mode of operation to get us there. But, it appears that “compromising” and “capitulating” is the only acceptable response to help people with transgender questions. One-toilet bathrooms could be a solution, but won’t be considered. Other forward thinking won’t be considered—nothing but “giving-in or not giving-in”. Capitulation by definition is not success. So, here we are, lost in a world of capitulating. No wonder Jesus hates cowards; they make a tragic mess that can never bring peace.

Now, a transgender case has convinced three judges in a lower court to block their own peers from deciding whether the Supreme Court can decide a case rising within the United States. A writer, cheered on by other writers, wants another writer to lose an election, to cause the people to lose their election, even at the price of both—if not all other—writers’ credibility as writers. The “writing” is on the wall: Capitulation captains want everyone to capitulate to only the smallest opponents, otherwise they will self-destruct in public. Who, America, are the real terrorists who should be detained at airports? Shouldn’t it be those who preach, “Compromise, or else!”?

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