Drafting Peace in the Pacific: Asia, April 13, 2017

Drafting Peace in the Pacific: Asia, April 13, 2017

We no longer live in a world without alliances. Yes, individual nations retain sovereignty within their borders. However, the days are over when a single nation will boss and police an entire region alone. One nation can no longer take out an “enemy” in another nation as the “lone ranger”. Any nation that tries will face scorn from others. If a government goes rogue, a plurality of other nations must intervene. This is international political gravity today.

We live in a world of growing alliances between sovereign nations.

China has been seeking respect and peace in its part of the world. The US has been seeking to cut off enemies before they have an opportunity to grow. In the Far East, the US’ solution has been to patrol freely in Asian waters. China’s solution has been to fly its national flag on more soil. Neither process will continue to work. And, if both processes continue, they will lead to unimaginable fallout, what some might think as WWIII, though still not that grand.  · · · →

Gross Hypocrisy in Christian Media

Disclaimer: The news website editorial staff were sent a link to this article as soon as it published. This is not a hit piece, but a critique of a general problem among Christians in media. Pacific Daily Times has reached out to that website in friendship and hopes to follow up with more on positive changes in the future.

News and advertising isn’t easy. The Pacific Daily Times has considered using ad services such as Google. The problem is that these ad services can often post ads that run contrary to the mission of the website itself. This screenshot of an article at a Christian news site is no exception. A sex scandal headline is seen on the left and a sex advertisement on the right at a Christian news website. It was probably not planned by the staff. This can happen to anyone, so use ad services cautiously. Here is an edited screenshot, showing titles and ads as they appear next to each other, with any identifying marks of the website removed:

Christian post contradiction ads editedThe main article is about how people want a Christian leader, Josh Duggar, to pay some legal consequences for mistakes long, long ago, and Christian families are unwilling to forgive and let it go.  · · · →

China’s Nationalist Party ‘Blows Up’ at Kaohsiung

A fire hydrant leans in the trench caused by the explosion

TAIWAN—It started in 1990. Some may say it was in 1949 when the Chinese Nationalists retreated to Taiwan and imposed their tyranny and the governmental system that Chinese Communists would soon copy in Beijing. But this started in 1990 when CPC (中石化) built a gas line in Kaohsiung.

Gas lines can rust if not buried in the ground properly. CPC properly buried the line. But in 1991, the City of Kaohsiung put in a sewer passage that left the pipeline exposed, against building code. The city’s plans for the sewer complied with the code. But the construction company did not build according to the code—and the City of Kaohsiung approved the construction that was not to code and went against their own plans. Thirteen years later, on August 1, 2014, the line, rusted from exposure, exploded, destroying six kilometers of roadway, injuring over 300 and killing at least 30.  · · · →

Taiwan’s Jiang Could Face International Trial for Using Force on ‘Sunflower’ Movement Protesters; Executive-legislative Conflict Indicates Rising Dictators

After keeping their promise to Taiwan Legislative Yuan Speaker, Wang Jin-pyng (王金平), the students in the “Sunflower” movement who had occupied the nation’s legislature since March 19 demonstrated evidence that contradicts a long-standing, worldwide precedent in court rulings, police action, and decisions made by executive heads of state. This incident may be history’s first evidence, supporting either position, that “constitutional rights”, “individual liberty”, and “protecting national sovereignty” can be talking points of non-terrorist, peaceful citizens of a given country.

This directly contradicts the need for police action against such protests in the past, as has been seen countless times through history. This indicates that police who use force against such demonstrators may be the actual culprits. Should violence eventually break out between police and peaceful protesters with these talking points, the police may be eventually understood to have incited said violence.

According to a trend of reports from US law enforcement such as from Rawls on March 30, 2011 8:28 PM, reports from State police such as Missouri highway patrol in March, 2009, law enforcement “training” is being influenced by publications such as an unclassified report “Rightwing Extremism” from April 7, 2009, from the Department of Homeland Security, with a recurring list of similarities that allegedly identify “domestic terrorists”.  · · · →

Taiwan Demonstrations Continue: Western Media Forgets

As the Sunflower Movement stated upon leaving Taiwan‘s legislative chamber, they would return. The movement never had “tunnel vision”, but was focused on a long list of grievances. The secret “black box” trade negotiation between China and US Military ally Taiwan was only the one straw on the camel’s back.

In this recent round of government v peaceful assembly, the topic is the island’s controversial fourth nuclear power plant. Especially after Fukushima in 2011, the earthquake-plagued people of Taiwan want nothing to do with nuclear energy. So it seems, the government doesn’t care.

Nuclear power objections in Taiwan have been rising and were frequently address during the three weeks that the legislature was occupied. Much of the street art protested nuclear power. Shortly after the students left the chamber, Lin I-hsiung (林義雄) began an “indefinite” hunger strike over the nuclear issue. A crowd quickly surrounded him, attracting many of the peaceful demonstrators from the trade agreement protests.  · · · →