Encore of Revival: America, March 2, 2020

Tom Steyer doesn’t seem to know which party he’s running for. Recommending private sector solutions to the voter base that wanted Sanders v Trump in 2016 is, in a word, nutty. But, he shares one thing in common with Bloomberg: they think Trump’s deep pockets bought him the election, so they could copy-cat the same victory. But, Trump’s deep pockets didn’t buy him the election; Trump earned it through a life in the office rather than a private palace and over a decade of experience watching the public respond to him on camera.

While the Democratic party is being commandeered by radicals, the base is shifting from “help us -ists” to “socialists”. Sanders would have probably won the 2016 nomination were it not for the Democratic party’s non-democratic system of superdelegates throwing their minority support to Hillary. Unlike the professional campaign organizers (including Biden), and unlike the lazy rich guys (including Biden), Sanders is the real deal. He’s in it because he believes in it. And, his base respects him for the same two reasons Trump’s base respects him: hard work and personal connection to the crowd. To boot, it’s about ideology.

Part of the schism forming between the evermore so apparent “two Americas” is about how we view money. Some view money as having an ethereal source—once a country or company is “rich”, money just grows on trees or something. Others view money as having to be generated from a combination of work and savvy, no matter how rich a country or company gets. The “ethereals” believe the economy grows because government injects money from the imaginary hole in space through which money pours without end, and this is good because rich companies are purportedly rich because they have access to a similar money hole in space. The “savvyists” believe government can only give what government already took away and that companies can only make what they continue to think and work for.

The test of the 2020 election is a battle of ideals. Whichever voter base sees the universe correctly will have the strength to muster an election victory. So, you see, 2020 is about clear vision.


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