Encore of Revival: America, March 25, 2019

American immigrants fleeing communism are tending to lean right, according to reports. Memories of the dark regimes they escape come flooding back as they watch Democratic talking points. This wasn’t how the Democratic minds planned things to play out.

But, that’s how things play out in a witch hunt. A concluded investigation with no indictment is, by definition, an exoneration. While an opinion may certainly, surely have “middle ground”, prosecution does not—a person is either prosecuted or not prosecuted. Trump is not being prosecuted. Being “not exonerated” is a matter of opinion. Mueller does not write the opinion of the voters anymore than the voters write the report for Mueller.

If Democrats push the Mueller report as a basis to prosecute or even impeach Trump, then they set a precedent to prosecute Hillary. The Democrats lost, if nothing else roughly $20 million dollars (directly and indirectly reported) over two years, but neither indited Trump nor does it look like they will be able to impeach him, given public opinion. Politically, the non-indictment has already exonerated him, regardless of the non-indicting report’s opinion to the contrary.

Rod Rosenstein’s slow exit can easily be explained by his new boss. Since William Barr took over the absent Attorney General’s desk just one moth ago, he needed a veteran so he could catch up to speed. The concern that Rosenstein stayed in office too long after he was supposed to leave could also be applied to the Mueller investigation that should have been over much more quickly. Two endless endings that lack direction should be expected to end together.

The Federal Reserve needs reforming. According to Jerome Powell, the Fed chairman who holds a position appointed by the president, the president had no impact on the Fed’s recent decisions. Especially with so much talk of “accountability” orbiting squanderous theatrics like in the Mueller solar system, entities that lack accountability need it.

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