Encore of Revival: America, May 9, 2016


The Ted Cruz campaign tells much. It was the epitome of establishment Churchianity and establishment politics. In the week before he suspended his campaign, even his own father was calling for a religious-based vote. The dirty political games from his campaign are more like Sunday morning fiefdom clan wars than Clintonian dishonesty. His campaign’s epitaph will read that it is the place all liars go who tell the same lies.

The Sunday morning card can’t be played to bloc up votes ever again. Nor will establishment political parties fool the people with their games. Cruz’s campaign laid out exactly how the Republican and Democratic parties will also collapse over the next two presidential cycles. They may not be viable parties by 2024. It’s already happening with Paul Ryan. Cruz’s campaign tells much.

Cruz drew fire and hatred because he overstayed his welcome. He tried to use any and every lever he could find, probably from a genuine love for his country; only God knows Ted’s heart. During the process, he never broke rules. But, championships are not won on technical fouls alone; he never had a path to win in a democracy through actual democracy. In retrospect, he learned that those games don’t pay off.

Now, just because he played dirty politics doesn’t mean that he supported them. He will likely become one of the greatest opponents of “dirty rules” politics. Those rules didn’t help him, after all.

Cruz still manages to keep a powerful career as a loser. He doesn’t lose easily. The entire nation got a good look at what it was like to fight against him in the Senate. And he got an up-close-and-personal view of the political process from top to bottom.

By dropping out of the race when he did, he atoned for any former wrongdoing. He is clearly a fighter and a man of logic. The math told him it was over and he listened.

It is always good to recognize the right person in the wrong position. Usually, that “wrong” position helps prepare and educate that “right” person for a greater task. With Cruz’s brilliant mind, love for the values that keep nations from falling, combined with his legal, Constitutional, and political background, it is clear that Cruz can and should sit on the Supreme Court. Only a man with Cruz’s intellect could replace that of the late Justice Scalia. On the Supreme Court, Cruz would continue his amazing career, even as a loser, but he would finally lose less.

Cruz’s campaign tells much. Even when the Republican and Democratic establishments fall—even their soon-to-be-former members may have useful purposes elsewhere, Paul Ryan notwithstanding.

Paul Ryan shot his foot off by preemptively denouncing the RNC frontrunner. Now, Palin will campaign against Ryan by helping his Republican challenger, Paul Nehlen.

And, so it begins: Trump lights into Clinton—both of them. He will likely lite into the FBI if they don’t indite her soon. Trump knows how to fire people. Dragging their feet on Hillary could be what some call a “career decision”. We’ll see.

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