Encore of Revival: America, March 27, 2017

Trump has his “Russian election help” just as Obama had his “fake birth certificate”. While the Democratic base pushes for investigations of an election for which they still can’t accept their loss, there is little to no complaint on Capital Hill about the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in Bernie Sanders’s defeat at the primaries. The so-named “Russian hack” investigation puts all of its hopes on the FBI director whose “investigation” ordered the local Sheriff to enter random passwords into the San Bernardino iPhone until it locked, rather than following Apple’s instructions from the start. This is the same man whose investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails also went nowhere.

The truth doesn’t matter in these outcomes of legitimacy to hold public office. Once in office, the victor stays, the entire investigation is bravado for the base. Some call this “demagoguery”. And, half of America is finding the excuse they need to panic. America is headed toward a face off, not of facts or testimony, but of one opinion versus its opposite.

Take “Repeal and Replace” over Obamacare for instance…

In the first half of the week, headlines were dominated by the unproven accusation that the Obama-governed election was hacked by the Russians, as if that would somehow be a problem for Trump. Then, “Repeal and Replace” neither repealed nor replaced.

Republican leadership puts together a package to phase out Obamacare without harming the few who actually benefit from it. The “Freedom” caucus objects to it not being conspiracy-proof enough, more or less. Trump, author of “The Art of the Deal”, isn’t finished negotiating; it’s smoke screen time.

“Smoke screen time…”

Trump Tweets “Watch Judge Jeanine… tonight.” Judge Jeanine opens her show by saying that House Speaker Paul Ryan should resign. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus tells Sunday show host Chris Wallace that Trump’s Tweet was to help a personal friend promote her show and that the White House doesn’t want Ryan to resign—but, the discussion is now on the table. Suddenly, the White House supporting people in the media is a bad thing because Trump is the one supporting. Suddenly, reaching across the isle is a bad thing because headlines portray that Trump wants to be the one reaching. Like dogs begging for doggie biscuits, talking heads freely advertise that Trump is willing to accept any votes Democrats want to give him—as if that is something new. Now, the investigation into whatever the Russians were allowed to get away with under Obama’s watch is creating questions for Obama officials to draft answers for. What does it all mean?

It all means that players who try to “trump” Trump, are gonna’ end up in a dust storm. Trump’s election didn’t merely metaphorically “blow up” Democrats, or Republicans for that matter, but the entire political landscape with them. That’s what his supporters really wanted, and that’s just what they’re getting. That’s what this is all about: blowing the dust off an archaic stronghold.

Right or wrong, Washington has a new general in town. No more business as usual. No more politics as usual. The games aren’t going to look like the Harlem Globe Trotters vs the Washington Generals anymore.

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Encore of Revival: America, November 7, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, November 7, 2016

This was the week of chest-thumping before the election. Mass media make their last-minute poll corrections to make it look “close” so that no matter who wins the media can maintain polling credibility. The FBI has gone Agnostic on Hillary. Comey’s metaphoric beat-up, dead horse resurrected himself to shoot himself in the foot; Comey’s career that he had finished is now finished, finished.

A single mother of six could end up in prison for selling food. How dare she! She put the public at risk, and insulted all the companies that pay big, big money to sell food to three people. It would have been safer to sell State secrets without a license. Hillary’s use of her maid to print classified documents doesn’t speak to her disdain for rules of the “top secret” road as much as it speaks to her attitude of superiority. A maid is “too much beneath” her to matter—you don’t try to keep classified information from your dog. More over, protection of the public good isn’t important either—who cares if the Russians discover secrets of sheep and cattle while the dog was fetching documents for the farm.

As for State secrets and ironies, if the US government really was planning a classified cyberattack against Russia they wouldn’t tell NBC News. Notwithstanding that leaking a story is usually best done with a network that is viewed by the public more than foreign governments, leaking “classified stories of a deterrent in the making” is just another strategy of deterrence. Perhaps such “classified leak story” games confused Hillary. Never believe the TV when it says what one government might be planning against another—especially if they say “might“. That’s just governments using non-diplomatic channels of undiplomatic diplomacy. In the East, they call it “State media control”; in America, Congress publicly called it “Operation Blue Book”. For the record, the story didn’t only air on NBC, it was also picked up by Breitbart, which is banned at Pacific Daily Times for having websites that take too long to load. The Blaze is also banned for this reason.

Note that when NBC and Breitbart break the same story, something is amiss. The actual secret that got out with the “Russia, we’re having our media tell you you’d better not interfere with our election” story is that the US government is very set on making sure that the election happens. We already knew that. Not citing their reason for the extra caution indicates that the problem probably came from within; but, that is historically anecdotal. We don’t know the deep reason the government has been making grunts about ensuring that the election happens two months out. That is the actual secret, proving that classified measures are still functioning. The election will happen. So, most people won’t even notice the efforts to make it happen. They are too busy being obsessed with which candidate they hate.

No one notices the real danger: Paul Ryan, who has managed to go from a failed-attempted second-in-line to a successful third-in-line, all while convincing the public that he opposes the very candidate who will grant his closet Liberal party a super-majority. No one notices, though. The voters are too busy being obsessed with which candidate they hate.

Everything we see in the media looks to be orchestrated. Comey demonstrates the powerful non-decision making of Allen Greenspan. Maybe he wants to be the Chairman of the Fed. WikiLeaks didn’t throw an October Surprise, they threw an October Schedule. The government does interviews in media to help the election succeed? The media finally now reports on Clinton problems that have been known for decades? People need a break from all these scheduled surprises. At this point, it’s best to stop talking about the election, go vote, and then get back to work.

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Encore of Revival: America, October 31, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, October 31, 2016

Happy Election Halloween! And, happy 1-year anniversary, Speaker Ryan.

The man who failed to get second-in-command, specifically because compromise-to-fail-to-win politics don’t work, has his own career in jeopardy for employing the same politics of compromise—or does he?

While reports come in about voter fraud in Texas, and Snopes.com thinks it is likely “user error”, vote fraud in the General Election is unlikely. Obama is probably sending election observers to ensure a proper election for fear of voter fraud either way tarnishing his precious “legacy”, as if his impossible promises hadn’t already tarnished it before he took office. The real place to suspect voter fraud is for the third-in-line: Ryan, who has every reason to lose for retaining the same old Romney-RINO values.

Trump will win, of course, as Pacific Daily Times Symphony Editorials have been predicting since before Ryan became Speaker. The real outcome to distrust is a Ryan victory. That would seem potatoes too small to do anything about, which is all the more reason it should at least be checked out. Now, that’s all speculative; nothing can be confirmed either way, which is a shame. If Ryan wins, it would bring peace of mind to know that he won fair and square. But, the country will have all eyes on the General.

Megyn Kelly proved Howard Beal right: News business is show business. She continued her own script of Trump’s supposed “war on women”. Newt called her out on adding inflammatory language to describe mere allegations. CNN couldn’t give Fox News enough free advertising via airtime, and the Wall Street Journal was sure to report her salary discussions just up the road. Fox has a new fox and the competition just can’t forget about it.

This October 31, we celebrate two holidays: the mixing of pagan and Christian religions when Rome created the hybrid “All Saints Day” to occupy pagan Celtic-Gaelic festivals in the 9th century, and Luther’s posting of 95 theses to purify that pagan mixing seven centuries later. The Reformations led to a divided, yet revived Europe, paving the way for the Puritans and later the Pilgrims. Like old dogs, those sly foxes keep continuing to continue that mixing of unmixables, which they know only fails. But, once again we meet such a time in history when the people no longer buy the lie. America is achieving her own un-mixing of the Compromise-Conservative hybrid in both politics and the Church.

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Encore of Revival: America, August 8, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, August 8, 2016

The world is buckling down on everything.

Palin postulates that Paul Ryan wants to run in 2020, which makes everything everywhere make sense in the entire world.

Obama gives $400M to Iran, despite what it will do to his post career.

Americans are buying more guns than ever having bought more guns than ever before—15 months in a row of new record months.

Trump continues to creep up on Hillary in the polls, likely to have a higher victory margin than polls the day before the election.

And, a John Hopkins University researcher more or less says that transgender issues should be treated, not enabled.

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Encore of Revival: America, May 9, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, May 9, 2016

The Ted Cruz campaign tells much. It was the epitome of establishment Churchianity and establishment politics. In the week before he suspended his campaign, even his own father was calling for a religious-based vote. The dirty political games from his campaign are more like Sunday morning fiefdom clan wars than Clintonian dishonesty. His campaign’s epitaph will read that it is the place all liars go who tell the same lies.

The Sunday morning card can’t be played to bloc up votes ever again. Nor will establishment political parties fool the people with their games. Cruz’s campaign laid out exactly how the Republican and Democratic parties will also collapse over the next two presidential cycles. They may not be viable parties by 2024. It’s already happening with Paul Ryan. Cruz’s campaign tells much.

Cruz drew fire and hatred because he overstayed his welcome. He tried to use any and every lever he could find, probably from a genuine love for his country; only God knows Ted’s heart. During the process, he never broke rules. But, championships are not won on technical fouls alone; he never had a path to win in a democracy through actual democracy. In retrospect, he learned that those games don’t pay off.

Now, just because he played dirty politics doesn’t mean that he supported them. He will likely become one of the greatest opponents of “dirty rules” politics. Those rules didn’t help him, after all.

Cruz still manages to keep a powerful career as a loser. He doesn’t lose easily. The entire nation got a good look at what it was like to fight against him in the Senate. And he got an up-close-and-personal view of the political process from top to bottom.

By dropping out of the race when he did, he atoned for any former wrongdoing. He is clearly a fighter and a man of logic. The math told him it was over and he listened.

It is always good to recognize the right person in the wrong position. Usually, that “wrong” position helps prepare and educate that “right” person for a greater task. With Cruz’s brilliant mind, love for the values that keep nations from falling, combined with his legal, Constitutional, and political background, it is clear that Cruz can and should sit on the Supreme Court. Only a man with Cruz’s intellect could replace that of the late Justice Scalia. On the Supreme Court, Cruz would continue his amazing career, even as a loser, but he would finally lose less.

Cruz’s campaign tells much. Even when the Republican and Democratic establishments fall—even their soon-to-be-former members may have useful purposes elsewhere, Paul Ryan notwithstanding.

Paul Ryan shot his foot off by preemptively denouncing the RNC frontrunner. Now, Palin will campaign against Ryan by helping his Republican challenger, Paul Nehlen.

And, so it begins: Trump lights into Clinton—both of them. He will likely lite into the FBI if they don’t indite her soon. Trump knows how to fire people. Dragging their feet on Hillary could be what some call a “career decision”. We’ll see.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Ryan to Boehner: ‘Knock it off.’ (AP)

Editorial Board at Jeff Bezos’ WA Post calls for contested GOP (WA Post)

Trump blasted Bezos for buying WA Post in Dec 2015 (Business Insider)

World fears Trump (CS Monitor)

Google Maps illegals’ path? (Daily Caller)

Today’s money tour: Asian stocks mostly higher after US gains; Tokyo stocks down | Yahoo-AP

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