Encore of Revival: America, November 30, 2015


Of course online shopping trumped brick and mortar establishments. Last year, the media flooded the public with images of Black Friday mob violence in the marketplace. Barnes & Noble is no exception to the fallout. In nation-wide bookstores, it may be last man standing. Borders is gone. Walden is gone. Barnes & Noble is losing. Most of this is due to the Internet. And, Barnes & Noble will likely survive only if they get on board with the Internet and ebooks. This creates an interesting conflict among media companies. While Big Media wants to control the Internet, Big Media will only survive the more free the Internet is.

Times are definitely changing.

Just how we saw grandstanding over the Paris attacks, the Colorado shooter also proved everyone’s point. The gun advocates advocate more guns. The anti-gun advocates advocate fewer guns. The abortion issue is no exception, except that most of the Pro-Life movement will shake their heads, smack their faces and say, “Murder doesn’t right murder… not helping.”

Taking matters into our own hands never helps. It doesn’t help if you are Pro-Life and it doesn’t help if you are anti-gun. Few will learn.

Chicago police seem as dumb as China. The FOP lodge stands with the shooter!? Is this a joke? They defend the indefensible who attacked the defenceless. Who will defend the Chicago police over this? And how many Blacks in Chicago will continue to vote Democrat, with the anti-gun rhetoric stepping up over Colorado?

Times are definitely changing. Those who get smart will ride the waves—something establishment brick and mortar can’t do. To ride waves, one must know how to float and swim. Revival is on it’s way.

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