Cadence of Conflict: Asia, November 30, 2015


Strength against China grows. The people of Taiwan don’t hate China; they want friendship with China. This makes them stronger than people who want subordinates and acquisitions. Communist Beijing and pro-China-control Taipei seem out of touch.

Research consistently demonstrates that a sizable majority of Taiwanese identify themselves as quite distinct from China. The KMT-Nationalist establishment views national sentiment as a result of opposition party propaganda rather than the opposition party’s power being an expression of national sentiment. The Nationalists don’t seem to understand that their policies help their opposition more than any campaign strategy could.

China rejected the entry of the young Miss World Canada winner. She wanted to participate in the global contest in Hainan. She spoke out on Human Rights and was turned away at her connection terminal. This put her in the global spotlight. Yet, it is doubtful that Beijing will be able to recognize, let alone accept, the power they gave this young girl. They made her more famous than winning Miss Wold would have. And, they notarized her claims more than any official body is capable of. Yet, Beijing proves evermore incapable of understanding itself as its own worst enemy.

Both demonstrate a worldview centered on marketing rather than “self-evidential truths”. Meanwhile, Japan is on high alert. And they are recruiting women into their military.


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