Encore of Revival: America, October 19, 2015


Registration, registration. Changes, changes. Dr. Ben Carson was registered in a small, sideline political party until almost one year ago. It will probably help him since most Republican voters vote Republican under protest. He could be the last viable RNC candidate, if the trend continues, and would be a more viable candidate on account of his former membership.

Homosexuals are announcing their status to the world, finding more and more creative ways to do it. Arguably, “coming out” on Facebook is more of a mating call than a warning to heterosexuals to keep away. “Coming out” is no longer as bold and courageous as it once was.

The courts won’t be able to be fair while differentiating the “Church of the Sword” foam sword fights from the tax-exempt Christian coffee-doughnut meetings on Sunday morning. The New Hampshire Church of the Sword will likely have copycats. The non-necessity of the Sunday morning method of Bible education and Christian friendship has been exposed. If foam sword fights can’t be tax exempt, then Christians can mingle at home as well. Non-necessity may shut down Sunday morning every bit as much as the SCOTUS mandate of pairrage may.

Religion in the UK no longer requires belief in a deity. America’s new religion is homosexuality. Soon, tax-exempt groups, religious or otherwise, may not get shut down for the “God” issue, but simply for not “coming out”. When Christians finally get kicked out of their Sunday Mahals, they’ll finally start acting like Christians. Revival is inevitable.

Doc Carson was registered “Independence Party of FL (IDP)” until October 31, 2014

A US state court must decide: Is this godless church still a church?

Twice as many people come out on Facebook now, compared to just a year ago

Playboy magazine to end publishing fully nude female photos

Migrant crisis: EU backs Turkey action plan

MSNBC slammed for error-riddled map in segment on Israel’s borders

…very slanted, anti-Semitic propagandist speaks on TV, maps don’t show the country that actually controlled “Palestinian” territory.