Encore of Revival: America, September 2, 2019

Comey’s leaks are a matter of example and precedent. He must be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible because we can’t have other FBI employees doing what he did—Republican or Democrat. More importantly, we must honor those FBI employees who could have done what he did, perhaps thought about doing what he did, but refused to break principles and protocol. For police, it’s all about protocol.

The FBI director knew information that should not be given to the public. He knew it was wrong, what he did. So, he released it to the public through other people, lawyers and the news media. He claimed he did this—which he knew was wrong—because he loved his country and the FBI. If he loved the FBI, then he shouldn’t have insulted the thousands of FBI employees who would surely be thrown in prison had they done the same thing.

If Comey is not prosecuted and fully indited, then Wikileaks founder Julian Assange shouldn’t be either and Edward Snowden should receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom because their leaks showed actual corruption of people like Comey. But, by not inditing Comey, we see clearly that the current Justice Department is run by double standards.

Double standards are a problem for courts, but they are a deadly epidemic for police. Once police are encouraged to live by a double standard, police brutality spreads. Not inditing Comey encourages and invites just that, spitting in the face of the good cops society needs.

If Comey believes his claim, that releasing this information was necessary, then he should voluntarily plead guilty and suffer for the sake of his cause, showing how much he truly cares about his country and its police. But, he won’t because he’s not a true believer. Thankfully, some still are.


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